NFL Super Wildcard Weekend Betting Preview


With all due respect to Jim Mora, we're talkin' playoffs this week on the Action Network Podcast! Stuckey and Chris Raybon return to discuss all things betting for Super Wildcard Weekend in the NFL, as they build a Weekend Six Pack filled with underdogs and unders, including a lot of agreement in what should be a tightly contested 49ers at Cowboys game. They also go over a few props they are looking at, and dive deep into a Steelers at Chiefs game that may be easier to bet than some may think. Plus, we've got Kliff Kingsbury talk, a Raiders decision and so much more.

PICK 1 - 3 MIN

PICK 2 - 13 MIN

PICK 3 - 21 MIN

PICK 4 - 27 MIN

PICK 5 - 34 MIN

PICK 6 - 42 MIN


And to take advantage of our partner BetMGM's great sign-up offer of a risk-free $1000 first bet, just follow the link below:

And we'll see you back here for Strong Side Fridays!

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