Week Zero CFB Betting Preview and 2019 Best Bets with John Murray of the Westgate SuperBook | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


College football season is upon us! Stuckey and Collin Wilson are joined by Westgate SuperBook Executive Director John Murray for an episode that promises to be the most action-packed of the season. First, the guys review their 2019 season-long best bets conference-by-conference, from East Carolina to San Diego State. Next, we talk to John Murray about the Westgate's liability, the Heisman race, the Week 0 slate, and so much more. Later, Stuckey previews the FCS games every impatient degenerate will be betting midday on Saturday (Go Villanova!) before moving to the two FBS games on tap: Florida vs. Miami and Arizona at Hawaii. The guys wrap up with College Football Playoff predictions, but not before offering their previews of America's six independent programs (including Notre Dame and Army) to complete their in-depth preseason breakdowns of all 130 college football teams.  And as a reminder, our listener hotline is back and should be better than ever this season! Bad beats, miracle covers, drunken personal attacks? We want to hear it on our 24/7 voicemail line all season long: (575) 655-0664  TIME CODES 2019 Best Bets (3:30) John Murray Interview (20:30 to 35:30) 2019 Best Bets cont. (35:40) FCS or No (50:45) Florida vs Miami Preview (52:50) Arizona at Hawaii Preview (58:30) Liberty Preview (1:03:40) NMSU & UMass Preview (1:06:45) Army Preview (1:08:10) BYU Preview (1:10:45) Notre Dame Preview (1:13:20) Playoff Predictions (1:16:20) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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