The Ultimate Wild Card Round Breakdown


Matthew Freedman and Chris Raybon break down every NFL Wild Card Round matchup from both betting and DFS angles. They renew their season-long debate over the Colts and Texans – a disagreement that will be settled for good in their Wild Card rubber match. Later, Raybon argues in favor of paying down for Russell Wilson due to lineup-based dynamics in the Saturday DFS main slate. Freedman also makes his poses an intriguing hypothetical: Would Nick Foles deserve to be in the Hall of Fame if he leads the Eagles to a championship off the bench for the second straight season? Saturday Game Breakdowns (4:46) The Sharp Report (30:12) Saturday Slate DFS Strategy (31:32) Trend of the Week (42:44) Sunday Game Breakdowns (43:47) Dance of the Divas (1:05:23) Sunday Slate DFS Strategy (1:07:20) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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