The Ultimate Week 11 Breakdown


Matthew Freedman and Chris Raybon discuss Week 11 NFL matchups from both betting and DFS angles. Self-loathing Cowboys fan Matthew Freedman sees Dallas' game against the Falcons as a huge letdown spot following their Monday Night win over the Eagles in Week 10. He and Raybon also engage in a spirited debate on the Houston Texans and the AFC South Division race at large. Later, our experts discuss DFS strategy, highlight Saquon Barkley as a "jam 'em in" candidate, and close the show by previewing the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Vikings and Bears. 1st-and-Five (2:38) Trend of the Week (33:06) Two-Minute Drill (34:11) The Sharp Report (40:38) 3rd-and-Long: DFS Strategy Talk (43:13) Dance of the Divas (57:07) 4th-and-Goal: SNF Preview (59:19) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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