The Ultimate Football Recap & Week 6 MNF Preview, Plus Listener Voicemails | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


Our host Stuckey is joined once again by Collin Wilson to recap all the gridiron action from the weekend, highlighting the wild upsets that filled the college and NFL slates.  After a preview of the  Monday Night Football game and highlighting the NFL results, the guys review as especially spicy batch of listener voicemails. Then they go conference by conference to break down all the action from a loaded college football card that featured Georgia getting upset at home, Notre Dame hanging on at home, Bowling Green winning as a nearly four-touchdown underdogs and so much more. They finish up with a preview of the midweek college football games, and give you everything you need to start your week off right! TIME CODE MNF (7:00) Voicemails (17:00) Box Score Frauds (27:00) Conference Summaries (30:30) Midweek Madness (49:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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