The Ultimate Football Recap & Week 5 MNF Preview, Plus Listener Voicemails | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


After a wild weekend of football action, Stuckey and Collin Wilson return to help make sense of everything now that the dust has settled.  Together they go through a trove of listener voicemails, and react to another onside kick return, an outrageous ending in East Carolina, and a baffling Kansas City Chiefs primetime loss, plus a sneak peek at the much-anticipated Red River Shootout (no, you shouldn't use "Rivalry") this weekend. Plus, we've got a Monday Night Football Preview, and breakdowns of all the midweek college football action coming to us on Wednesday and Thursday. So strap in your #FunBelts and let's have some fun! TIME CODES NFL Recap (6:45) MNF Preview (10:00) Voicemails (17:00) Rant of the Week (30:00) Box Score Frauds (43:00) Midweek Madness (46:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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