The Ultimate Football Recap & Week 12 MNF Preview, Plus Listener Voicemails | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


It's officially Thanksgiving week, and The Action Network Podcast is here to provide you with sparkling dinner conversation and all the info you need to keep the non-meat-related sweats to a minimum. On this episode, Stuckey and Collin Wilson recap all the college and NFL football action from the weekend, dissecting every gambling and College Football Playoff angle. Later, they preview Midweek MACtion alongside Monday Night Football, and dive into some listener voicemails. We'll be delivering the rest of our episodes by Wednesday morning, so things will get pretty crazy around here. But it's all worth it, as we all strive to enjoy America's Finest Gambling Holiday in style. TIME CODES CFP Talk (5:30) CFB Recap (12:15) AAC (12:30) Big 12 (19:30) Big Ten (22:00) C-USA (25:00) MAC (26:00) MW (28:00) Pac 12 (29:00) Sun Belt (34:00) Midweek MACtion (39:00) Voicemails (41:00) NFL Recap (46:00) MNF (53:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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