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What a weekend! The first full combo slate of college and NFL football did not disappoint gamblers, and host Stuckey is joined by Collin Wilson to recap all the action. Together they dive into the box scores to glean everything they can from the weekend's matchups, giving bettors the information they need before they look to next week's slate.  The guys start things off by checking the listener voicemail line, and are treated to a host of irate college football calls about an ill-fated Michigan pick vs. Army. Next, they move conference by conference to cover the world of college football, starting in the ACC and finishing in the SEC.  Next, they provide a fast-paced rundown of a fairly excruciating NFL Week 1, which featured some sloppy play, odd finishes, near-upsets and a Kyler Murray tie.  We wrap things up with a betting preview for both Monday Night Football games, with the Houston Texans visiting the New Orleans Saints, followed by the Denver Broncos heading to Oakland to face the Raiders.  Later this week, we have our Fantasy Flex show on Wednesday, then Stuckey will be joined by Chris Raybon to talk NFL 2 betting action on Thursday, before welcoming back Collin for our College Football Week 3 this Friday. TIME CODES Rant of the Week (5:30) Voicemails (7:45) Bet Regret (26:10) ACC (33:00) Big Ten (35:30) SEC (38:30) NFL Week 1 (40:00) MNF HOU at NO (46:30) MNF DEN at OAK (50:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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