The Ultimate Divisional Round Breakdown


Matthew Freedman and Chris Raybon break down every NFL Divisional Round playoff matchup from both betting and DFS angles. Taking the under in Kansas City has been nearly a lock in the Andy Reid era, but they guys debate whether or not it’s the right play this weekend against Indy. They also both throw their support behind Dallas to cover against LA, but Freedman – self-loathing Cowboys fan that he is – expresses anxiety over Aaron Donald against the injured Dallas O-Line. Raybon also advocates for the Chargers against the Patriots on the road, but Freedman stays square, defending Belichick’s playoff track record to the end. Saturday Game Breakdowns (2:35) The Sharp Report (24:36) DFS Saturday Night Primetime Slate Strategy (26:39) Trend of the Week (28:58) Sunday Game Breakdowns (30:05) Dance of the Divas (49:42) DFS Sunday Night Primetime Slate Strategy (52:05) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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