The Ultimate Conference Championship Breakdown


Matthew Freedman and Chris Raybon break down both NFL Conference Championship matchups from both betting and DFS angles. Raybon believes the NFC Championship game will likely be decided by how Wade Phillips deals with Michael Thomas -- who absolutely torched Marcus Peters in their regular season matchup. The guys also debate Mark Ingram vs. CJ Anderson in DFS, and Freedman remarks on Anderson's Barry Bonds-like physical transformation this season. They go back-and-forth hypothesizing about the nearly-infinite number of ways Bill Belichick may game-plan for the Chiefs offense; but, they mutually agree that the Patriots aren't necessarily built to play from behind and must avoid a shootout at all costs. NFC Championship Breakdown (2:35) Trend of the Week (14:47) NFC DFS Showdown Slate (15:57) The Sharp Report (25:19) AFC Championship Breakdown (27:50) Dance of the Divas (43:04) AFC DFS Showdown Slate (45:20) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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