The Ultimate CFB Recap & MNF Preview, Plus Listener Voicemails | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


From Tulane and UCLA insanity to a savage front door cover by Alabama, this weekend delivered all the things we love about college football. Together with Freddie Kitchens losing his mind on Sunday Night Football, gamblers endured plenty of zaniness. Luckily Stuckey and Collin Wilson are here to sort it all out for us as they recap all the best action you may have missed (or wish you'd missed), as they respond to the best of their voicemail line. This week's crop didn't disappoint, especially after Collin's ill-fated UMass bet and Stuckey's dreadful Saturday start, which led to infuriation, confusion and at least two death threats. The guys wrap up with a preview of the Monday Night Football game and "the worst starting quarterback in the NFL," featuring a matchup at least one of them is excited to bet.  TIME CODES Voicemails (13:30) Midweek Madness (49:45) Monday Night Football (52:45) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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