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A ho-hum slate of college games delivered a very profitable week for our guys, as host Stuckey and Collin Wilson both successfully navigated one of the more boring slates we'll see this season. But that didn't stop our loyal listeners from calling into our hotline (open 24/7 at 575-655-0664) to scream about Akron, Northern Illinois and Arkansas State. Our duo responds to the best of these before moving on to box score frauds, the Liberty Flames, and a mouthwatering Thursday night college matchup between Houston and Tulane. And with Collin live from the Lambeau Field parking lot, the guys also dive into a Monday Night Football contest between the Browns and the much-maligned Jets, with both desperate for a win. Can the Browns cover an inflated number? Or will the Jets crash their dreams of a winning September? TIME CODES Hotline Voicemails (2:45) Bet Regret (21:00) Liberty (28:00) Box Score Frauds (30:15)  Houston at Tulane Thur (34:40) MNF Preview (36:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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