The Giffen Guide to March Madness Betting


The newest Predictive Analyst at Action Network is Nick Giffen, a seasoned gambler who also holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from N.C. State. And since 2017, Giffen has taken a unique approach to betting March Madness. 

On today's episode, host Brendan Glasheen invites Giffen to outline how he's applying this approach to the looming 2022 NCAA Tournament, and what teams listeners should be investing in round-by-round. By identifying weak high-seeds and underrated low-seeds, Giffen provides an entertaining way to gamble on the craziness of March Madness with his low-risk, high-reward guide. 

We're also joined for a segment with Jason Lisk of TeamRankings, who is teaming up with Action Network for March Madness. Action Network Podcast listeners can visit to get discounts on March Madness products, including their customized bracket picks and advice. 

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