The AAF is Dead, Long Live the AAF


Matthew Freedman and Ian Hartitz pour one out for the now-defunct Alliance of American Football. They reminisce over the league’s highs and lows – the rise and fall of Aaron Murray, the reintroduction of Johnny Football to American television sets, world-record dog frisbee tosses and more. They also discuss what the league got right and which players deserve a second chance in the NFL. Why did the AAF Fail? (4:15) What Happens with Futures Bets? (6:01) Orlando Apollos = League Champs? (8:07) AAF Players that Deserve an NFL Shot (11:11) Favorite Moments from the Season (20:39) What the NFL can learn from the AAF (23:53) Pivoting to the NFL Draft (26:14) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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