Strong Side Fridays I Wildcard Weekend


NFL betting analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer are back to get you ready for the playoffs with a Wildcard Round edition of the Friday Happy Hour. Playoffs!? Are you kidding me? Playoffs??

The guys go deep on every Wildcard game with matchups, analysis, and best bets.What do we do with Cincinnati and Las Vegas teams no one expected to be here? Who wins the division rubber match between New England and Buffalo? Are the guys still hammering San Francisco on the road in Dallas?

And will Tampa Bay and Kansas City coast through the weekend?Previews for every game, with Rams-Cards to come on the Monday pod, plus best bets and Super Bowl futures lookahead!

  • Raiders at Bengals - 2 min
  • Patriots at Bills - 13 min
  • Eagles at Bucs - 22 min
  • 49ers at Cowboys - 31 min
  • Steelers at Chiefs - 38 min
  • Wildcard Round Best Bets - 44 min
  • Futures Lookahead

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