Strong Side Fridays I Week 18


NFL betting analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer are ready to take on our first ever NFL Week 18. The guys break down the full playoff picture on the cusp of the postseason before discussing the marquee games. 

Can we trust a Chargers team that’s clearly better than the Raiders in a Sunday night playoff game? Will the Rams clinch the division against the Niners, or is San Francisco a sleeper? 

And who wins the Steelers-Ravens rivalry? Plus Week 18 best bets and a postseason lookahead!

  • Playoff Picture - 2 min
  • Chargers at Raiders - 9 min
  • 49ers at Rams - 18 min
  • Steelers at Ravens - 24 min
  • Week 18 Best Bets - 32 min
  • Postseason Lookahead - 39 min

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Brandon and Raheem will be back on Monday to recap Week 18 and Lookahead to the first round of the Playoffs. 

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