Strong Side Fridays I Week 17


NFL betting analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer are back for a loaded New Year’s Weekend episode. The guys run through a jam packed Week 17 slate with games our only Sunday of the season featuring 15 games. 

This week they’re focusing on the teams at the top with both 1-seed races on the line. How real are the Bengals — real enough to hang with the Chiefs? Can the Cards withstand another late season Kliff Kingsbury collapse and beat the red hot Cowboys? Will Aaron Rodgers close the curtains on the Mike Zimmer era? 

The guys analyze all three games, plus best bets and the Lookahead.

  • Chiefs at Bengals - 3 min
  • Cardinals at Cowboys - 8 min
  • Vikings at Packers - 15 min
  • Week 17 Best Bets - 25 min
  • Week 18 Lookahead - 34 min

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Brandon and Raheem are back on Monday to recap Week 17 + handicap the final week of the regular season. Tune in!

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