Strong Side Fridays I Week 15


NFL analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer are back for another Friday Happy Hour through a doozy of a Week 15 slate, littered with key injuries and swaths of names in COVID protocols.The guys talk about how to bet things with all the big question marks and then get into the three key weekend games. Will the Colts run all over the Patriots? Can the Steelers come through yet again as underdogs against the potential 1-seed Titans? And how do we bet a game between Cincinnati and Denver that profiles as such a toss-up?Analysis, matchups, and betting angles for all three games, plus a couple early Week 16 lines on the Lookahead segment.

  • Patriots at Colts - 4 min
  • Titans at Steelers - 11 min
  • Bengals at Broncos - 19 mion
  • Week 15 Best Bets - 26 min
  • Week 16 Lookahead - 32 min

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