Strong Side Fridays I Week 13


Action Network analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer return for a Friday Happy Hour trip through the NFL, taking a closer look at three pivotal Sunday games with analysis, matchups, and betting angles for each.

Are we sure the right team is favored in Chargers-Bengals? Are Big Ben and the Steelers washed, or will their rivalry with the Ravens give us another close game? And is it over for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, or will Kyle Shanahan fail yet again as a road favorite? 

The guys analyze all three games, then wrap up with Week 13 Best Bets and grab a couple early Week 14 lines on the Lookahead segment.

Minute Markers:

  • Chargers at Bengals - 2 min
  • Ravens at Steelers - 10 min
  • 49ers at Seahawks - 17 min
  • Week 13 Best Bets - 26 min
  • Week 14 Lookahead - 35 min

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And we'll see you Monday for our Week 13 recap!

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