Strong Side Fridays I Divisional Round


NFL betting analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer get you ready for the best weekend of the NFL year, the Divisional Round of the playoffs. They go deep on all four games with matchups, analysis, props, and best bets. 

The guys discuss how 1-seeds haven’t been reliable ATS in the Divisional Round and agree on the 49ers as their best bet of the weekend, then debate Sunday’s two big toss-ups and look for any edges between great teams. 

Plus Divisional Round best bets and Super Bowl futures lookahead!

Minute Markers:

  • Bengals at Titans - 2 min
  • 49ers at Packers - 12 min
  • Rams at Bucs - 22 min
  • Bills at Chiefs - 31 min
  • Divisional Round Best Bets - 44 min
  • Futures Lookahead - 46 min     

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Raheem and Brandon are back on Monday morning to recap the Divisional Round and Lookahead to Conference Championship week!

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