Strong Side Friday I Week 9


Action Network analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer unveil a new format for Strong Side Friday, going deep on three marquee games with matchups, analysis, and a betting angle for each.

Where does Aaron Rodgers’ absence leave Packers-Chiefs? What about Derrick Henry's injury for Titans-Rams? Do the Browns or Bengals win the Battle of Ohio? 

The guys analyze all three games, then wrap up with Week 9 Best Bets and grab a couple early Week 10 lines on the Lookahead segment.

Minute Markers:

  • Packers at Chiefs - 2 min
  • Titans at Rams - 12 min
  • Browns at Bengals - 20 min
  • Week 9 Best Bets - 28 min
  • Week 10 Lookahead - 37 min 

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