Strong Side Friday I Week 10


Action Network analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer are back for another Friday Happy Hour bounce around the NFL, going deep on three marquee Sunday games with matchups, analysis, and a betting angle for each. 

How do we bet Seattle vs Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers’ status unknown and Russell Wilson back after a long absence? Are the Chiefs undervalued or overrated as they head to Las Vegas? And will the Titans stay red hot against the Saints? The guys analyze all three games, then wrap up with best bets and the Lookahead segment.

Minute Markers:

  • Seahawks at Packers - 3 min
  • Chiefs at Raiders - 15 min
  • Saints at Titans - 23 min
  • Week 10 Best Bets - 29 min
  • Week 11 Lookahead - 32 min

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