Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Update


With the Colorado Avalanche punching their ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals and the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning series tied at two games a piece, Action Network hockey editor Michael Leboff and NHL expert Nick Martin dive into how things might shake out as the Stanley Cup Playoffs continue. 

In this episode, the duo looks at what to expect as the Rangers and Lightning finish out their series [01:00], how each team matches up against the Avalanche [07:30] and some possible Conn Smythe plays [10:15].

If you're starving for more NHL betting content, TAN Pod will be back with another Stanley Cup Finals Betting Preview once the matchup is finalized. You can also check out Action Network's podcast, Line Change! on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Subscribe, rate and review to stay caught up with everything happening in the NHL from a betting perspective. 

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