Rob Gronkowski's Retirement


Matthew Freedman and Ian Hartitz react to Rob Gronkowski’s retirement, reflect on his career, and look forward to the effect his absence may have on the 2019 football season. They debate whether or not Gronk is the GOAT tight end and discuss New England’s options to replace the All-Timer. They also muse on Gronk’s potential next move: Will he turn to acting? Male stripping? And could he return to football as early as this season? Gronk’s Place Among All-Time Tight Ends (2:22) What Does This Mean for New England? (10:40) 2019 Fantasy Tight Ends (15:28) Patriots 2019 NFL Draft (20:25) Gronk’s Next Move (25:15) Dynasty Fantasy Strategy? (26:34) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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