NFL Week One Betting Preview


The long wait is over, gamblers! Let's bet on some NFL football games. The first week of the NFL season is here, and Chris Raybon and Stuckey of the Action Network return for their weekly betting preview, highlighting their favorite spread bets, totals, teasers, parlays and so much more. Together they go through every game on the board, from Thursday to Sunday Night Football, and break down everything from a betting perspective. Most importantly, they build their Sunday Six Pack of picks to give every bettor some nice plays to inform their Sunday card.

TNF (6 min)

Sunday Six Pack (14 min)

Pick 1 (15 min)

Pick 2 (20 min)

Pick 3 (23 min)

Pick 4 (29 min)

Pick 5 (37 min)

Pick 6 (44 min)

Favorite total (50 min)

Teaser (59 min)

Money Underdog Parlay (1 hr 7 min)

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