NFL Week 9 Betting Preview | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


With the second half of the NFL season underway, host Chris Raybon is joined by his Action Network colleague Stuckey to break down the Week 9 weekend slate. Stuckey makes an especially passionate case for the Ravens off a bye this week, along with a play on the hard-luck Buccaneers. Raybon, with the gambling gods as his witnesses, bets on the Browns, plus the Jaguars in foggy old Londontown. The guys give out lots more against the spread action, along with Thursday Night angles, totals, teasers, survivor pool plays and so much more. And to our NJ listeners, receive your 200% PointsBet deposit bonus by following this link: TIME CODES TNF (1:45) Coach Pep Talk (14:00) Sunday 6 Pack (14:30) Total (43:00) Teaser (48:00) ML Dog parlay (50:00) Survivor Pool (56:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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