NFL Week 6 Betting Preview | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


Another week, another fascinating slate of NFL games to choose from! Our host Chris Raybon is joined as always by Stuckey to break it all down, as together they go game-by-game from Thursday to Sunday nights to cover all the action. Together they draft their three favorite against the spread plays, along with their favorite totals, teasers and a moneyline underdog parlay. We also hear inspiring words from Matthew McConaughey, and get a quick tutorial on Points Betting, available through New Jersey's PointsBet sportsbook. Best of luck to all you gamblers this weekend, and let's hope everyone can still be friends after this Browns game. Be sure to play PointsBet's FREE Pick 6 game to win $25,000! Just visit And to our NJ listeners, get your 200% PointsBet bonus now by visiting TIME CODES:  Thursday Night Football (1:15) Coach's Pep Talk (12:30) Six Pack (13:30) Total (42:00) Teaser (44:00) ML Parlay (47:00) Survivor (52:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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