NFL Week 4 Betting Preview | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


Chris Raybon and Stuckey return after consecutive weeks hitting their moneyline underdog parlay, part of last week's 10-0 Sunday from Stuckey that's put the yowzers back in gamblers' trousers. This week the guys look at full slate of games to determine their Sunday Six Pack of picks, plus a total they love in Orchard Park and a Minnesota teaser they can't wait to bet. All this is in store, plus their usual survivor pool pick and of course a brand new moneyline underdog parlay. In addition, this episode's producer, a Buffalo Bills fan, was stunned to learn that Buffalo +7 made the cut this week, so a brief musical homage to The Pride of Western New York (a.k.a "America's Team") also awaits. TIME CODES Thursday Night Football (3:45) Coach's Pep Talk (9:20) Sunday Six Pack (10:30) Favorite Total (44:30) Teaser (47:30) Moneyline 'Dog Parlay (51:10) Best of the Rest (54:30) Survivor (57:00) And for our NJ / NY / PA listeners, here is your Action Network link to our exclusive PointsBet offer: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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