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It's only Week 3 of this NFL season, but quarterbacks are already dropping like flies. Big Ben, Drew Brees, Eli Manning and Sam Darnold are just some of the starters sidelined this week... but how will this impact your fantasy team? To discuss this and so much more we have host Matthew Freedman, along with Chris Raybon and Sean "The Oddsmaker" Koerner of the Action Network. Plus, from and the Taekcast is friend of the podcast and very special guest Davis Mattek. Two-time DFS World Champion Peter Jennings also parachutes in for a breakdown of his favorite fantasy players of the week, and our team answers questions from our listeners after we deliver our position-by-position breakdown of the entire fantasy landscape. And for Sean's latest Week 3 Streamers, check out: TIME CODES QBs (3:45) QB Props (14:45) RBs (16:00) RB Props (24:00) Peter Jennings/CSURAM88 (25:30) WRs (30:00) WR Props (39:00) TEs (41:45) TE Props (48:30) Q&A (50:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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