NFL Week 3 Betting Preview | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


We may be missing a lot of quarterbacks this week, but that won't stop Chris Raybon and Stuckey from diving into all the betting possibilities NFL Week 3 has in store. Together our guys draft 3 against the spread picks apiece for their Sunday Six Pack, including a ferocious disagreement over the Panthers vs. Cardinals game. Later the guys also give out their favorite six-point teasers, survivor pool picks and totals, plus an underdog parlay fresh off their +525 cashout last week thanks to the plucky Colts. For those betting Thursday Night Football, we also have a deep dive into an apparently dreadful matchup, including some advice for coach Doug Marrone. TIME CODES Thursday Night Football (2:15) Coach's Pep Talk (8:00) Sunday Six Pack (8:45) Pick 1 (10:00) Pick 2 (14:25) Pick 3 (18:45) Pick 4 (24:00) Pick 5 (29:30) Pick 6 (32:00) Best of the Rest (37:45) Teaser (50:50) Parlay (52:00) Survivor (54:00) And for our NY/NJ/PA listeners, here is the link to our exclusive PointsBet offer: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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