NFL Week 2 Fantasy Flex with guest T.J, Hernandez | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


With one week of actual NFL football now in the books, host Matthew Freedman is joined by Sean "The Oddsmaker" Koerner and Chris Raybon to preview the Week 2 slate from a fantasy and DFS perspective, welcoming special guest, and the Director of DFS at 4 for 4 Football, T.J. Hernandez. FantasyLabs co-founder and 2-time DFS World Champion Peter Jennings, a.k.a. CSURAM88, also pops by to give his expert take on the best skill position plays this week, particularly from an ownership and ceiling/floor perspective. Together the group discusses fantasy flyers, pivots, fades and chalk locks for DFS tournaments and GPPs this weekend, going position by position to cover it all. The guys also assist Oddsmaker with a round of player projections, in their time-honored tradition of trying to outsmart "the house." The episode finishes with a round of listener questions, who we wish the very best of luck this weekend. For a look at the best streaming options for Week 2, check out Oddsmaker's latest article: TIME CODES QBs (3:15) QB Props (15:00) RBs (19:00) RB Props (27:00) Peter Jennings (33:00) WRs (40:00) WR Props (47:00) TEs (51:00) Q&A (56:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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