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This week's theme? "Don't overreact!"  Host Chris Raybon is joined by Stuckey as they dissect the entire NFL slate from Thursday Night Football to Sunday Night Football, covering every betting angle along the way. After previewing a tricky Tampa Bay at Carolina prime time spot, the guys move on to their Sunday Six Pack, where they each draft their 3 favorite against the spread picks. Chris jumped out to an early lead thanks to a Cardinals tie last week, but Stuckey will look to pull ahead this week by avoiding the Patriots at Dolphins game entirely. Later, the guys give our their favorite totals and teasers, and give an underdog moneyline parlay that pays almost 6 to 1.  They finish with their survivor pool pick, and send you into your weekend on the right betting foot. TIME CODES TNF Preview (1:30) Coach's Pep Talk (7:45) Sunday 6 Pack (8:00) Pick 1 (8:45) Pick 2 (13:45) Pick 3 (17:15) Pick 4 (22:00) Pick 5 (27:00) Pick 6 (30:30) Favorite Total (36:15) Teasers (41:45) ML Parlay (44;15) Survivor (48:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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