NFL Week 11 Betting Preview | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


After 'dogs ruled last week, host Chris Raybon and Stuckey climb back into the saddle to pick sides, totals, teasers and more for NFL Week 11. In our Sunday Six Pack, both guys love the Buccaneers facing the Saints, and Buffalo in a value spot versus the Dolphins. Later, Stuckey gives David Carr some love, and continues to wonder out loud how long the Colts can go without a viable kicker. The guys conclude with their underdog moneyline parlay, and send you off with everything you need to visit Green Dot City this weekend. TIME CODES Thur Night (1:30) Coach's Pep Talk (7:30) Sunday Six Pack (7:30) Teaser (39:00) Parlay (41:00) Best of the Rest (42:00) Survivor (53:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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