NFL Week 10 Betting Preview | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


Rather than enjoy a Ravens victory lap, Stuckey joins host (and current FantasyPros #1 in-season ranker) Chris Raybon to break down all the angles for the NFL weekend slate. The guys talk some trash, but not to each other. Instead they talk ABOUT trash, starting with the Bengals and Falcons, two teams Stuckey loves this week. They also cover their favorite totals, teasers, moneyline 'dogs and survivor picks. Everything you need to make it to Monday a winner, and all in under an hour. And for those looking to fade Darren Rovell's against the spread picks, be sure to sign up with PointsBet and take advantage of their sign-up deposit bonus, and #FadeRovell odds boost offers: TIME CODES Thur Night Football (1:15) Coach's Pep Talk (7:30) Sunday Six Pack (7:45) Total (37:00) Teaser (41:00) ML Dog (44:00) Survivor Pool (53:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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