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The NFL season is officially here! Our hosts Chris Raybon and Stuckey celebrate the return of NFL action by breaking down every game from Thursday Night Football to Sunday Night Football. As they'll do every Thursday this season, the guys bring you their top 3 against the spread plays to create our Sunday Six Pack, going deep on all the angles that make them want to invest. Next, the guys give their leans for the remainder of the Sunday slate, before giving out their favorite totals, teasers and survivor pool picks, plus an underdog moneyline parlay that's sure to please. So if you've only got an hour to prep all your NFL bets each week, let this be your first 58 minutes.  TIME CODES Thursday Night Football Preview (1:45) Coach's Pep Talk (8:45) Sunday Six Pack (9:30) Pick 1 (10:00) Pick 2 (13:15) Pick 3 (17:15) Pick 4 (22:30) Pick 5 (27:00) Pick 6 (31:40) Best of the Rest (37:15) Favorite Total (50:45) Favorite Teaser (53:05) Moneyline Parlay (55:40) Survivor Pool (56:40) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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