NFL Recap + Wildcard Weekend Preview I Week 18


NFL betting analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer celebrate the first Week 18 NFL recap in style, looking back on an absolutely bonkers day of football, overtimes, playoff positioning, and game theory. 

It was wild down to the very last play of the season, but the postseason is here. The guys discuss the biggest games of the day and how the Raiders, 49ers, and Steelers secured their playoff berths with overtime victories, plus the Stink of the Season with a baffling Colts collapse against Jacksonville. 

Then it’s a full breakdown of the playoff bracket plus a Wildcard Round Hot Read to wrap things up!

  • Week 18 Recap - 3 min
  • Playoff Bracket Breakdown - 46 min
  • Wildcard Round Hot Read - 58 min

And we'll see you Wednesday for the Playoff Betting Preview with Raybon and Stuckey!

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