NFL Recap + MNF Preview | Week 7


Action Network analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer run through a sleepy Week 7 filled with blowouts, starting with the shocking Bengals and Titans wins. Then it’s a deep dive into the AFC playoff picture with a look at division races, the muddy wildcards, and the 1-seed chase. Who comes out of the AFC?They finish with betting takeaways for every game, a Monday Night Football preview, and the Hot Read.

Minute markers:

  • Bengals-Ravens - 3 min
  • Chiefs-Titans - 15 min
  • Colts-49ers - 23 min
  • AFC Playoff Picture - 33 min
  • Monday Night: Saints-Seahawks - 41 min
  • Week 8 Hot Read - 51 min  

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