NFL Recap + MNF Preview I Week 16


NFL betting analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer recap a holly jolly Christmas Week 16 of NFL action, with two great Saturday Christmas games and a fun Sunday of football, despite another weird week with pandemic absences around the league as we inch toward the postseason.

The guys talk both big Christmas games as well as the huge Bills-Patriots rematch Sunday as they look back on the weekend. 

Then, it’s a Monday night preview with matchups, analysis, and picks plus the usual Week 17 Hot Read to wrap things up as we head toward the New Year!

  • Week 16 Recap - 3 min
  • Monday Night: Dolphins at Saints - 38 min
  • Week 17 Hot Read - 44 min to take advantage of our partner BetMGM's great sign-up offer of a risk-free $1000 first bet, just follow the link below:

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