NFL Recap + MNF Preview I Week 15


NFL analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer look back on an extremely weird Week 15 with the pandemic wreaking havoc on rosters and schedules around the league.

The guys talk about the big games at the top of the NFC, with the Packers barely escaping while the Cardinals and Bucs lay eggs. Does the road to the Super Bowl go through Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay?

Then, it’s a Monday night preview plus a bonus Hot Read preview of the three rescheduled games! Plus, the usual Week 16 Hot Read to wrap up.

  • Week 15 Recap - 2 min
  • Monday Night: Vikings at Bears - 36 min
  • Bonus Hot Read: Rescheduled games - 42 min
  • Week 16 Hot Read - 54 min

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