NFL Divisional Round Recap + Conference Championship Preview


NFL betting analysts Brandon Anderson and Raheem Palmer are still reeling after one of the greatest weekends of NFL football you’ll ever see. All four games came down to the final play, and only a Chiefs miracle stopped a sweep by all four road underdogs.

The guys celebrate another profitable cover and moneyline win on the 49ers upset, then go long on all four Divisional Round playoff games with marathon analysis, reactions, and takeaways. 

It’s time to celebrate Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes and bid adieu to Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, then an early Hot Read on Championship Sunday.

  • Bills at Chiefs - 3 min
  • Rams at Bucs - 21 min
  • 49ers at Packers - 42 min
  • Bengals at Titans - 62 min
  • Conference Championship Hot Read - 71 min 

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Stuckey and Raybon are back Thursday for the Conference Championship Betting Preview and Sunday Six Pack, tune in! 

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