NFL Fantasy WR Guide, Part II: FantasyPros' Mike Tagliere | Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


Our NFL fantasy team concludes the wide receiver portion of its position-by-position breakdowns, with host Chris Raybon leading the charge. He's joined as always by Sean "The Oddsmaker" Koerner, along with very special guest Mike Tagliere, lead NFL analyst for FantasyPros. First, the trio discuss how they approach the wide receiver position, before Mike dives deep into a breakdown of Tyler Lockett. They continue with a full breakdown of the tier, including a strategy for attacking the Rams' deep receiving corps. There is also a fade of Kenny Golladay as a WR2, an attack on Adam Gase's trustworthiness, and a complete razing of Robby Anderson's fantasy potential, much to Sean's chagrin.  TIME CODES Approaching WR Position (2:15) Tyler Lockett (11:40) Tier II Breakdown (16:30) Rams WRs (17:15) Golladay (23:50) Players to Fade (27:30) Tags Hates Adam Gase (40:20) Super Sleepers (47:12) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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