NFL Fantasy RB Guide, Part I: Guest Ian Hartitz | Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


The heartbeat of any NFL fantasy football team, your success at the running back position can make or break your draft. This episode Chris Raybon welcomes Sean "The Oddsmaker" Koerner and special Action Network guest Ian Hartitz to break down the top tier of premiere backs for 2019.  After discussing their respective approaches to the position, the guys talk about which top tier guy they love... and which one they're passing on. They also debate the impact of contract holdouts on draft rankings, and when drafting their backups can pay off big time.    The guys wrap up with some predictions and some Cook vs. Chubb comparisons, and will return later this week for Part II.    TIME CODES Approach to RB Position (3:15) RB I Love, RB I Don't (9:20) Top Tier (17:55) Holdouts (23:15) Gurley (29:30) Bell (33:55) Connor (39:15) Mixon (44:20) Cook (50:10) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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