NFL Fantasy QB Guide, Part II, with guest Evan Silva | Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


It's time to dive back into fantasy QBs as host Matthew Freedman welcomes friend of the podcast Evan Silva! The co-founder of Establish the Run lends his expertise on the second-tier of NFL signal-callers, joining Sean "The Oddsmaker" Koerner and Chris Raybon in a lively discussion covering everyone from Tom Brady to Josh Rosen. After giving his POV on drafting the position, Silva provides clarity on why he's so bullish on Lamar Jackson this season. Later, Raybon makes his case for Nick Foles. We've also got hot Jameis Winston talk, some love for Andy Dalton, and much more. TIME CODES Silva on Drafting QBs (2:40) Silva on Rodgers (4:30) Silva on Watson (6:20) Silva on Murray/Kingsbury (8:20) Brady/Roethlisberger (10:30) Rivers (15:10) The Young Guns Tier: Allen, Winston, etc (16:30) Lamar Jackson (25:18) Stafford, Carr and Garoppolo (26:50) Love for Andy Dalton (30:45) Nick Foles (32:15) The Gnarly Tier, Harskins to Rosen (35:30) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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