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It's officially NFL Week 1! Host Matthew Freedman is joined by Sean "the Oddsmaker" Koerner, Chris Raybon and very special guest Rich Hribar of Sharp Football Analysis as they break down the players they're targeting, stacking and fading from a fantasy and DFS perspective.  Two-time DFS World Champion Peter Jennings, a.k.a. CSURAM88, also stops by to provide the skill position players he's keenest on for Week 1. We get his thoughts on the impact of a Zeke Elliott contract extension, along with a quarterback he can't get enough of.  The guys also play a few round of player prop projections with Oddsmaker, and finish by answering a round of listener questions.  And for our team's fantasy rankings by position, check out TIME CODES QBs (12:00) QB Prop Projections (16:30) CSURAM88 Segment (20:30) Zeke Elliott News (23:30) RBs (27:00) RB Prop Projections (37:30) WRs (39:20) WR Prop Projections (51:40) TEs (56:00) TE Prop Projections (1:02:45) Listener Q's (1:04:00)           Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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