NFL Divisional Round Betting Preview


There are just seven NFL games left to bet on this season, so let's make the most of them! Action Network NFL experts Chris Raybon and Stuckey go through their favorite against the spread picks, plus totals and prop bets as they dive deep into all four games this weekend. Will the Bills make them want to shout? Is Cincinnati in trouble? And who is "the Walmart Travis Kelce?" 

All this an more, plus an inspiring season finale for the Coach's Pep Talk.

Pick 1 - 10 min

pick 2 - 17 min

Pick 3 - 23 min

Pick 4 - 31 min

Pick 5 - 36 min

Pick 6 - 39 min

GB SF - 54 min 

And to take advantage of our partner BetMGM's great sign-up offer of a risk-free $1000 first bet, just follow the link below:

We'll see you back here for Strong Side Fridays!

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