NBA Offseason Insanity with Sam Amick & Rob Perez


The wild ride of NBA free agency has been exhilarating thus far, and our NBA host Matt Moore is joined by two NBA luminaries to help sort it all out. First up is Action Network colleague Rob Perez, a.k.a. World Wide Wob, who's doing a valiant job seeing a longterm vision in his beloved New York Knicks' offseason moves. Together they talk about Eastern Conference odds for next year and explain why any potential Nets parades will be headed straight down Flatbush Avenue. Next up is NBA veteran journalist Sam Amick of The Athletic, whose description of LeBron James' offseason free agency pitches has Moore wondering if it all sounds a little too familiar. Together the guys discuss Kevin Durant, the 2020 Warriors, and balancing the job of journalist with shadow puppet performer. TIME CODES Rob Perez on the future of the Knicks (1:45) Why New York will never be a Nets town (9:08) Eastern Conference Title Odds (13:30) The Case for the Pacers (15:30) The Case for the Sixers (16:30) Sam Amick talks LeBron (20:15) Kevin Durant (25:45) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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