NBA Midseason Best Bets


Action Network NBA Analysts Matt Moore and Brandon Anderson are back to break down their favorite bets after the All-Star break. They cover title futures, player awards, and even delve into possible NBA Finals outcomes - offering additional hedge opportunities once the postseason begins. 

The duo debate the Lakers odds (+4500) to win the title, the wide open race to claim Defensive Player of the Year, and a couple of interesting parlays and round robins worth betting.  

  • Title futures - 3 min
  • Player awards - 12 min
  • MVP + ROY + 6MOY - 18 min
  • Scoring Champion - 21 min
  • NBA Finals Outcomes - 23 min

The Action Network Podcast is back on Friday with the debut of UFC Friday Fight Night with Brendan Glasheen and UFC betting/DFS analysts Mike Zerillo and Billy Ward. They'll analyze the card and give you their best bets and DFS strategies for the fights. Tune in!

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