NBA Futures and Free Agency Fallout with Matt Moore & Rob Perez


Kawhi Leonard is a Clipper. Russell Westbrook is on the block. Anthony Davis is on notice. The Bucks stay in the Eastern Conference fast lane. A lot has happened since the calendar flipped to July, and host Matt Moore is joined from Vegas by Rob Perez, a.k.a. World Wide Wob, to decipher what it all means. The odds to win next year's NBA title have undergone repeated seismic shifts. Now that the dust is settling, what numbers are still ripe for the picking? And if Russell Westbrook is being shopped, what teams can afford him? Plus, who is the biggest loser in the Kawhi deal? The guys tackle these questions and more in a fast-paced episode perfect for diehard NBA fans and gamblers alike. TIME CODES   Perez on Westbrook Trade (1:35) Moore on a Westbrook Trade (4:00) Moore on NBA Title Odds (8:50) Perez on NBA Title Odds (11:15) Perez's Warning on NBA Futures (15:00) The Biggest Loser of the Kawhi Signing (19:45) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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