Monday Football Review & Weekday CFB Preview | The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast


What a weekend! College football returned with a bang, and Stuckey is joined by Collin Wilson to recap the action. Florida vs. Miami did not disappoint, and Kevin Sumlin's Arizona Wildcats somehow lost as double-digits favorites despite being gifted six turnovers in Hawaii.  We kick things off with the best listener voicemails to our Action Network college football hotline, before we move to a full breakdown of the Thursday night college football slate. And the guys return again on Friday morning for a full betting preview of Week 1, as the cleansing waters of college football continue to wash over us all. TIME CODES Voicemails (1:50) TX State at TXAM (13:55) UCLA at Cincy (19:45) Georgia Tech at Clemson (23:00) FIU at Tulane (30:45) Kent State at Arizona State (33:00) Utah at BYU (36:20) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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