March Madness Player Props I Final Four


The Elite Eight is in the books, and here to help you maximize your profits for the Final Four are Action Network's best player prop analysts.

Breaking down a historic matchup between UNC vs. Duke and Villanova vs. Kansas is host Brendan Glasheen, joined by college basketball experts Sean "The Oddsmaker" Koerner, Tanner McGrath, and Doug Ziefel.

Together they go through their favorite player prop bets on the board from each game, highlighting the biggest discrepancies between their projections and the odds across major U.S. sportsbooks.

  • With Justin Moore out for Villanova, is it time to fade F Jermaine Samuels and back F Eric Dixon?
  • UNC F Brady Manek has been lethal from beyond the arc. Will it continue?
  • Will Kansas G Remy Martin keep lighting it up off the bench? 

Listen in on their best bets and how to bet player props for the Final Four!

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